To make it easier we’ve created 3 Car Wash & 3 Auto Detailing packages.  Need a car wash, basic wax services or limited interior work? Our Car Wash packages are awesome!
If you need detailing we feature eco-friendly steam detailing that sanitizes and deodorizes without harsh chemicals.
If you need help deciding, give us a call during Monday through Saturday, 9-5pm. Or drop by and say hello and we will assist you in person.


This size guide will help give you the most accurate service quote.

SEDAN:  BMW 3 Series, Honda Civic, Ford Fusion
SMALL SUV:  BMW X5, Honda CRV,  Ford Escape, Station Wagon
LARGE SUV:  Mini Van, Honda Pilot, Ford Expedition
X LARGE:  Oversized Trucks, Passenger Van, Ford Excursion, Hummer
CUSTOM QUOTE:  VW Camper Van, motorcycles, boats


Arriving before we open?  We offer a secure key drop box at either location.

Bellevue Hours:  8-5pm M-Sat
Northgate Hours:  9-6pm M-Sat

Interior Swift Packages
  • Swift 1
  • $40Sedan Price
    • Sedan  $40
      Small SUV $45
      Large SUV $50
      X-Large $55
    • Quick Vacuum
    • Dash Wiping
    • Cup Holders
    • Interior Windows

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  • Swift 2
  • $60Sedan Price
    • Sedan  $60
      Small SUV $65
      Large SUV $70
      X-Large $75
    • All of Swift 1 Package
    • Full Vacuum+Trunk
    • Door panels Wiped
    • Consoles Wiped

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Best Value
  • Swift 3
  • $75Sedan Price
    • Sedan  $75
      Small SUV $85
      Large SUV $100
      X-Large $115
    • All of Swift 2 Package
    • Steam floor mats
    • Wipe down door panels
    • Dash Conditioner

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