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Ceramic Coating

Wanting increased protection for your windshield? Interested in safeguarding your interior against spills and stains? Need unmatched exterior protection for the toughest weather conditions? At Eco Car Cafe, we offer exterior, interior and glass ceramic coating for the ultimate level of defense.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a hydrophobic clear coat that acts as a protective shield. This durable yet flexible coating bonds to your vehicle's shape, providing up to 3 times the hardness level as a typical clear coat.

Our detailers are certified and trained to offer the very best ceramic products and techniques. By providing the best N1 & 10H technology on the market, small molecules bond to the exterior to create a strong barrier that offers water and chemical repellency. We are confident you will appreciate the difference in the finish and longevity of our ceramic coating service.

Why Ceramic Coating?


Ultimate Level of Protection

Ceramic coating offers long-term & durable protection for your windows, interior and exterior.

High Gloss Shine

Our ceramic coating adds a high gloss finish, bringing out the best in your factory paint.

Hydrophobic Technology

Our ceramic coating’s hydrophobic technology repels water & moisture, making it ideal for weather and stain protection.

Low Maintenance

Ceramic coating makes cleaning and maintaining your vehicle’s appearance incredibly easy. Also, expect your ceramic coating to last for years, with no upkeep on your end!

Protect Your Investment

The best way to protect the value of your vehicle is with ceramic coating. It helps prevent long-term damage and keeps your car in the best condition possible.


Stains, Scratches, Spills, Dye, Moisture, Oxidation, Corrosion, UV damage & Environmental contaminants

Eco Exterior Ceramic Coating

Over time all vehicles will show signs of age, but an exterior ceramic coat will significantly help to maintain a vehicle's appearance and protect it from unnecessary abrasion. Whether caused by oxidation, corrosion, road debris or unexpected scrapes and scratches, our extremely hard and durable ceramic coat will help to protect your vehicle from these elements. Our ceramic coat contains graphene, increasing the longevity of the product and offering your vehicle unparalleled protection.

Our Eco Exterior Ceramic Coating offers:


  • Hydrophobic & UV protective coating
  • Environmental contaminant protection
  • Scratch resistance & protection
  • Increased glossy shine

Based on your needs, we offer various options to protect your vehicle:


This nano coating offers 9H hardness that is up to 800nm thick for a durable finish.

S: starting at $900
M: starting at $950
L: starting at $1000
XL: starting at $1,050


This nano coating is similar to the 3 year but more concentrated, offering better durability and grade 3 chemical resistance.

S: starting at $1,100
M: starting at $1,150
L: starting at $1,200
XL: starting at $1,250


This nano coating offers the highest level of protection with 10H hardness and 1% graphene.

S: starting at $1,500
M: starting at $1,600
L: starting at $1,700
XL: starting at $1,800

*Prices are based on the condition of the paint, which must be assessed in person for the most accurate estimate.

Eco Glass Ceramic Coating

It is important to keep your windows in good condition if you want your car to look its best for as long as possible. For surfaces such as glass, ceramic coating protects against scratches, UV rays, roadside damage, and outdoor contaminants. Not only does it protect against these harmful elements, but it provides increased visibility, reduced glare, and water repellency. Not to mention, your windows will never look better!

At Eco Car Cafe, we use a high-performance ceramic glass coating backed by a 4-year warranty. With three treatments, you can extend the lifespan of your glass.

Eco Glass Ceramic Coating offers:


  • Reduced Glare
  • Improved visibility during wet conditions
  • Superior exterior protection (bugs, sap, contaminants, etc.)

S-XL: $100

Eco Interior Ceramic Coating

If you would like the ultimate level of protection against scratches, stains, dyes, and more, then interior ceramic coating may be for you. We use high-performance ceramic for our interior ceramic coating provides a moisture and stain barrier for your carpet, upholstery, and leather. Gone are the days when a spill stains your leather seats for years to come! Additionally, the interior ceramic coating creates a UV barrier for areas with significant sun exposure, like your dashboard, so you won’t get that cracking leather! Reduce your vehicle's risk of wear and tear with our ultimate interior ceramic service.

Our Eco Interior Ceramic Coating offers:


  • Hydrophobic & UV protective coating
  • Leather, plastic, and upholstery protection
  • Stain-resistance

S: $200 | M: $225 | L: $250 | XL: $275

More About our Ceramic Coating

At Eco Car Cafe, we use a high-performance ceramic coating from auto care industry leader ONYX. With a reputation for developing innovative, high quality products, ONYX has developed a line of ceramics that sets the standard in finish and hardness. The nano technology in their ceramic products offer superior gloss and durability for the best level of protection available on the market today! You can read more about ONYX and their products here.

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