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Your cars upholstery should be regularly vacuumed and properly cleaned when necessary for a number of good reasons. The carpets and seating areas are one of the most heavily used parts of your car and so see all manner of dirt and deposits being trodden and worked into its surfaces on a daily basis in most cases. If deposits are left on your carpets and upholstery they will begin to work into the pile and will prove much more difficult to remove later on. As more and more deposits and dirt are left to build up over time they may also begin to discolour the material.

Regular vacuuming and upholstery cleaning helps to prevent any premature wearing. Vacuuming and cleaning, when undertaken properly rejuvenates the fibres of the upholstery and helps lift the pile of the carpets. Even if the interior has seen allot of use, regular vacuuming and cleaning of the upholstery will keep it in good condition, looking fresh and therefore not give the impression that it has been heavily used.

It is important to keep your cars upholstery clean for hygienic reasons. If your car is used to carry pets or if you have children then it’s likely that your car could become a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria within a fairly short period of time, due to food deposits being dropped by children, or from pet hair or other things that may have been picked up by animals before they entered the vehicle. It is therefore in the best interests of the owner to keep their car in a clean and hygienic condition. When you consider that your house is regularly cleaned to keep it hygienic, it makes sense to also link in regular cleaning of the interior of your car to compliment your home routine.

Every car sees various levels of usage and so some will require more frequent or thorough cleaning than others. A regular vacuum of your carpets & upholstery once or twice a month will ensure most cars are kept tidy and deposit free, then after an initial thorough clean of your upholstery, a re clean once every six months or after any spillages etc occur should usually be sufficient to ensure your cars upholstery is kept in a clean, fresh and hygienic condition.

Before your upholstery is properly cleaned, it should be thoroughly vacuumed. You should vacuum your upholstery using a crevice tool type attachment.This allows for the best level suction and can be used to easily access awkward areas. An upholstery brush can be used to help lift the pile of your carpets and to bring dirt and deposits to the surface to be easily vacuumed up.

You should use either a designated upholstery cleaning product or a diluted all purpose cleaner, test the product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure the product works effectively and has no adverse reactions, especially if you have a particularly delicate type of upholstery. Depending on how badly soiled your cars upholstery is you may need to use a wet vac extraction machine to penetrate deeply into the surface and effectively extract the dirt. Micro fibre towels should be used to both work the cleaning products into your upholstery and to extract any excess moisture out after cleaning.

It helps to use a designated fabric guard/sealant product after cleaning to ensure that your upholstery is protected against any future spillages or incidents and that it’s made much easier for you to maintain and keep looking clean.